We are thrilled to announce that “Scribbling Spring” is due to arrive so very soon! It is currently en route from the printer, which means that it is high time to invite our Wandeling readers to pre-order their copies! Let the puddle stomping and pre-ordering begin!

Rain has heralded the arrival of spring in English poetry since its inception. Chaucer sends the band of pilgrims forth as a response to Nature’s call under April’s “sweet showers.” Those after Chaucer can’t seem to get away from under spring’s umbrella, and we at Wandeling Press are no exception. 

But more than merely meeting spring in the puddles, Pudge and Buns discover that the coming of spring resonates with the process of writing itself. Nature sustains the metaphor of composition: scribbling, drafting, and composing. And Buns finds that his writing might flourish by spending more time outdoors.

“Scribbling Spring” is a call to pause from work and hasten outside—to stomp in puddles with little feet and sing along with Pudge.

All pre-ordered books will ship by the end of May, and Wandeling Press is offering a free Easter print-out to those who want to let little easter-basket toting readers know that their copy will be arriving shortly.