Perhaps it is the change in the weather, the pulling out of sweaters, and the chillier nights or perhaps it is the fact that Christmas is just 3 months away, but it seems that Woolies for the Winter is on many of your minds. It has certainly been on ours these last weeks of September as we have moved the book closer to printing. And we are eager to update you!

One year ago, in October, Betsy and I began plans in earnest for Wandeling Press for its mid-November Launch in 2015. Although this journey to publish our first book has involved many twists and turns, lots of trial and plenty of error, each step forward and each setback has created in us a deeper appreciation for the books we love and an even greater desire to see Woolies for the Winter published. 

So where now do we find ourselves on the eve of Wandeling’s one year anniversary? Well, with scanning woes rectified, layouts finalized with the designer, THIS WEEK, at long last, our inaugural book is in the hands of our printers. 

While we will spend the next week or two negotiating through the book’s final design layout on the printed page, we are essentially one last nod of approval away from printing the book with Print Ninja. 

We are so grateful for your patience as you have waited (and waited) with us for your books. As soon as Woolies officially hits the presses, we will send a notification (likely in a week or two). From that moment forward, we expect the printing and shipping process to take another six to seven weeks before the books arrive in the USA, and then we will ship them on to you.

Around mid November once the books arrive inMinneapolis, we will send out one more mini survey that will provide you a direct link to change your address again if need be before we mail the books to you. You will have two days to make any addresses changes then. (Note: If you would like to change your address before then, you can always use the direct link to your “address setting” from the email sent out by Kickstarter on 12/23/15 titled “Response Needed! Get your reward for backing “Woolies for the Winter.”Let us know if you have any trouble with that.)

In other non-book related news, both Betsy and I have added little baby daughters to our families. Lydia Grace arrived on July 21st and Vivian Mackenzie joined us last week on the 23rd of September. This project is sweetened by those we love and as our circle of pint-sized readers grows, so does our excitement to share Woolies for the Winter

Upward and onward!

Laura and Betsy