Dear friends and more friends,

Over this long Memorial Day Weekend, Laura and I are reveling in time to work together for the first time since October when we first collaborated in person, shot video footage for the Kickstarter Project, built Wandeling’s website, and started this grand adventure. It is such a relief to be in the same time zone and same place to work. Time and space have a profound impact on the creative process; we have certainly felt that separated by hundreds of miles.

And things are moving along, even if later than planned. After we updated you about the troubles with the original scans and after you celebrated with us that a local print shop could “deep scan” to preserve the water color images, we ran into a new tribe of problems including coloration inconsistency that came with the deep scans and finally the news from the local print shop that our project was too demanding for them to continue working with us. This obviously put printing the reward prints behind on the timeline too.

The good news is Wandeling now has a high-resolution scanner and printer of our own–it is perhaps the first tangible thing we have to our name.  And it is working beautifully! Laura and I have carved out a huge chunk of time this weekend to finish those reward prints. Yahoo!

In this process, we have been most thankful to figure out a sustainable and far more efficient process for the subsequent books. Little did we imagine that the painting and the writing would be the most straight forward part of this project! Ah, lessons learned.

And finally, Laura and I have been hard at work on two growing side projects: little baby Kern and little baby Howard are due in July and October respectively. Pursing the physically exhausting  creative process of pregnancy while caring for toddlers and completing the poetry and illustrations for Wandeling’s first two books has added a whole to meaning to multi-tasking. Double the trouble- double the joy!

Thank you for supporting us on the way!

We are so thankful for you all.

Betsy & Laura