We have all heard the cynical adage, “One steps forward, two step back.” But because Laura and I share a hop-scotching soul, we have preferred to think of this winter as “two steps forward, one step back.” Amidst (and because of) all the hullabaloo with scanning, printing, and copying, Laura and I have been able to press on into our spring book.

As we have made progress, we have realized that it will actually save time and shipping costs if we now hold back the printing of “Woolies for the Winter” and have it produced at the same time as the spring narrative poem. Although this means altering the timeline quite a bit, we think, in the long run, it will be more effective for the Press’s limited resources.

What does this mean?

It means that “Woolies” will not appear in the mail until late spring (late June), but that it will, God willing, appear with its Spring partner book.

In compensation for the extra waiting time, Laura and I will be offering a 25% discount coupon code for the spring book to all who preordered copies of “Woolies” during our Kickstarter campaign. We will send that coupon out via email once we know that the two books have finished running on the printing presses and boxed up to come home to us, so look for that coupon code in early June.

Also, Laura and I are taking this extension through March and into April to finalize and send out the accompanying rewards from the Kickstarter, namely the dramatized audio recording and the print.  We will let you know when those have been released so that you can be on the look out for them in your inbox (for the audio recording download link) and your mailbox (for the prints).

As a final note, if you supported our Kickstarter campaign and have not yet logged in to fill out your survey with your address, please scroll back through your email, find the Kickstarter email prompting you to do so, and please submit the survey with your address. We would HATE to be unable to deliver your rewards due to a missing address.

Thank you again to the Wandeling community for encouraging us along the way and for skipping along with us through winter into spring and through these first stages of bringing two books to life.


Betsy & Laura