Just last week, the BBC published an article announcing a Beatrix Potter story that has been discovered after 100 years. We have, with interest, followed the unveiling and publication plans for Kitty-in-Boots (Is it just us or does this sound a bit too much like Puss-in-Boots?) Leave it to the Victorians. Then again, Potter’s Kitty is a female kitty who lives a double life— the old lady “called it ‘Kitty’, but Kitty called herself ‘Miss Catherine St. Quintin’. Cheesebox called her ‘Q’, and Winkiepeeps called her ‘Squintums’.” How marvelous is that?!

This publication of Potter’s forgotten work has also made us feel better to know that sometimes the delay between the actual composing and the final publication can take over a century because the last month for Wandeling Press has been full of watercolor challenges.


We are so happy to report that the final scans of the watercolor illustrations are done (!) and resubmitted to our graphic designer. We have been holding our breath for nearly on month on this score, so it is a major sigh of relief for us.


Back in December we mentioned that we had seen the first mock-up layout. It was incredible to see the text and images together on the page, but we ran into a tricky snafu: getting the watercolors to scan properly. With the fine detail and the light coloration, Laura’s watercolor illustrations did their best to defy all scanning efforts. (not to mention the trouble Laura had getting the print shops to cooperate with our needs.) After various and sundry visits to a number of different print shops and scanners (including mailing the prints back and forth to printers both in Minnesota and Cincinnati) and after using a number of different scanning methods (who knew!?), this last week we have finally been able to capture all the glory of Laura’s work. A hearty huzzah!


While we are very thankful to have been able to preserve the image quality that the illustrations demanded, this scanning scurry has cost us a good bit of time. Thankfully the delay coincided perfectly with the Chinese New Year holiday that our printer was taking, so as soon as we are able to get the new images into the book layout, we should be on our way to the printer.


In the meantime, we have been working on books 2 and 4 on Spring and Fall. It is so much fun to think about anything outside of winter—like puddles and sprouts and piles of leaves.


Huzzah indeed.