Suddenly the Rat cried 'Hooray!' and then 'Hooray-oo-ray-oo-ray-oo-ray!' and fell to executing a feeble jig in the snow.

'What have you found, Ratty?' asked the Mole, still nursing his leg.

'Come and see!' said the delighted Rat, as he jigged on.

-Wind in the Willows, Chapter 3, The Wild Wood

As we send out this update, Laura and I feel precisely like Kenneth Graham’s jubilant "Ratty."  (And perhaps we feel a particularly strong affinity with Wind in the Willows for all the alliteration with the letter W.) 

After sundry back and forths with Print Ninja (with minor adjustments for color settings and last-minute image tweaking), Woolies for the Winter has passed every last jot and tittle of inspection. It has, in a word, gone to press! At this point we are simply waiting for the first edition of the book to finish printing and ship by air.

You will be the first to know when it arrives state-side, and we arehopeful that it will be within the month (barring, of course any bizarre delays by bandits or customs agents). We will notify you again when your copies are in the mail headed home to you. We are, we so hope, just weeks away from that moment. 

Hooray! Hooray indeed!

Betsy and Laura