What an exciting few weeks we have enjoyed! Two short weeks ago we started Wandeling Press and just last we week we launched a Kickstarter campaign for what will be Wandeling’s first publication, Woolies for the Winter. We feel very blessed to have made so much progress pursuing our dream to bring edifying children’s books to the world. This Thanksgiving we would like pause and reflect on the overwhelming gratitude we feel for the many people who have helped us in these endeavors. While there are many who have supported the work and mission of Wandeling Press, we would like to call special attention to a few individuals to whom we are especially grateful for on this Thanksgiving.


Betsy would like to express her gratitude to:


1)  Laura Kern. I have admired her work for a long time. When I called Laura from Mexico this summer to ask if she would partner with me on Woolies for the Winter and then continue on into this larger, crazy adventure, I couldn’t have imagined a better first illustrator companion. Receiving work from her is like Christmas. Every. Single. Time.  Thank you so much, Laura!


2)  Sarah Gerber. Before we began this project, I had made a dream list of those I hoped we could invite to partner with us on this project. My sister-in-law was at the top of the list. As a storyteller in the medium of film, Sarah brings things to life in powerful and compelling ways. I am beyond thankful to have had her partner with us in creating our Kickstarter video. The fact that she would fly out from California and arrive in the middle of the night to film and consult on our website design was an invaluable gift. Thank you, Sarah, for your generosity and for believing in this project ;).


3)  Matt Crutchmer. Matt is a teaching colleague of mine at Bethlehem College & Seminary, and as a self-taught designer, he continues to transform argument into art. His knowledge and skill with typography are bringing the book to life in ways Laura and I could not. He is a master advocate for the reader’s experience. I am so thankful for his continued generosity with his time and talents.


4)  Zach and my little Molly Howard.  I am so thankful for encouragement of these two. Zach continues to offer his time in helping me sort through and research so many things all at once, and Molly provides the laughter. Wandeling Press has been born out of this sort of robust reality.


5)  So many inspirers. There have been many dear friends who have shaped this dream, shared their own similar imaginings, and have done everything from chasing Molly around for the afternoon to giving consistent, critical feedback. The gift of fire is magic. This affirmation and assistance has been the somewhere spark for our little flame.  So many have lent us heat and light, and it has warmed and cheered us on the way. Thank you!


And Laura would like to thank: 


1)  Betsy Howard. I am so very thankful for this talented author and gracious friend. Betsy is one of those incredible individuals gifted with a seemingly unending source of energy and determination. Her drive is infectious and I have loved every minute of our time collaborating together. Betsy, thank you for including me in this wonderful adventure!


2)  David and our son William. I would be lost without the support of these two! William, our rambunctious toddler, keeps me on my toes and provides me with daily inspiration. David brings order to my creative chaos and offers me unending grace on nights when sketches take over the kitchen table and dinner is nowhere in sight.


3)  Hannah Wegmann. This wonder-woman is a constant source of encouragement and wisdom to me! Her eye for beauty and photographic talent have been invaluable to us as we introduce Wandeling Press to the social media world. Hannah, thank you for your enthusiasm for Wandeling Press and for lending your time and talent to this endeavor!


To every person who has loved, supported, and inspired us: THANK YOU. We hope that Wandeling’s creations will charm and delight you for many years to come. We are excited for the road ahead and we are thrilled to have you join us on this journey!

Special thanks to Hannah Wegmann for the use of her beautiful photography!